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Totally Type Tested design along with protection against Internal Arc fault

INTRELEC is one of the trusted names for highly complex and large size Power Control Centers and Motor Control Centres which can be manufactured in DRAWOUT as well as Fixed Type Design. Furthermore INTRELEC has gained considerable expertise in designing Intelligent Motor Control Centres and the same can be manufactured in a fully drawout design.

Intrelec’s LV Switchboard design is totally type tested as per the latest standards of IEC i.e. 61439. Additionally our design for the switchgear assembly has also been tested for protection against Internal Arc fault as per IEC 61641.

The above type test has been conducted with different makes of switchgear components namely ABB, L&T and Siemens.

Our design for Drawout Assembly is type tested as per the below criterias:

– Temperature Rise: 4200A, 3200A, 1250A and 900A
– Short Circuit: 65kA / 1 sec
– Degree of Protection: IP54 for Indoor; IP65 for outdoor
– Internal Arc Fault: 50kA for 0.3 seconds and 65kA for 1 second

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